Ketandu Deborah Adaeze Chiedu, a Nigerian was this year admitted on scholarship to six Ivy League universities/Photo Credit: Nnenne Facebook page


The LéO Africa Briefing last year published an incredible story of 17 year old Ghanaian, Kwasi Enin, who was admitted to eight Ivy League universities. This year, Ketandu Deborah Adaeze Chiedu, a Nigerian was admitted on scholarship to six Ivy League universities namely; Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton and University of Illinois. She’s going to study engineering.

Chiedu’s mother, Joy Nnenne celebrated her daughter feat, attributing it to hard work. “After many, many years of hard work, sleepless nights and uttermost dedication to her course, we witness a day like this,” she said.

A single mother, Nnenne left Nigeria for USA in 2007, with Chiedu and her little sister, leaving behind a failed marriage and a few broken dreams.

“I wasn’t sure what laid ahead, but there was never a time I doubted my capability to rise from the ashes of my failure. The burning desire to make a life for my two little girls kept me plotting, strategizing and constantly seeking opportunities,” Nnenne said.

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