Special Issue: January 2021

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, post-Independence Congo’s first prime minister on 17 January, 1961.

In this special issue of the LéO Africa Review, we turn the clock hand back to the 60s and explore the emergence of Lumumba on Congo’s political scene, his Pan-Africanism, his legacy—if any—and what lessons we can draw from this life that was tragically cut short at just 35.

For many young Africans today who are confronted by the seemingly unending presence of D.R. Congo’s conflicts as a news menu item, it is important to reflect back on the events of sixty years ago because they have a bearing on developments in the region and across the continent.



Issue 02: 2017

In this second edition of the LéO Africa Review, we discuss what the right innovation model for Africa should be. Will it be the conventional one that leads to automated systems replacing human effort and benefiting only the corporate elite, or one that can create jobs for Africa’s unemployed young people and offer solutions to the continent’s most pressing problems?

The last five years – and probably more to come, may as well go down as the infrastructure decade for Uganda. From roads to electricity and hopefully a railway network, the government hopes to use this massive infrastructure investment to propel Uganda to middle income status by 2020. But what are the industries poised to benefit from this connectivity and help to transform Uganda’s economy? Find out. They could portend a business opportunity for you.



Issue 01: 2016

It has been months of hard work, looking for new stuff, picking minds, sifting through truckloads of data trying to create a new path for a publication that breathes opportunity, light and hope for the people of Africa.

There are always false starts, stumbles, misses, fights and everything in between but we vowed to ourselves that we will battle to the end for this product to hit the streets.

The LéO Africa Review is a magazine about inspiration, leadership development and unleashing young people’s creative power to take up their roles in a highly dynamic society. It was due to this underlying mission that we decided to go for novelty; introduce new people, shine a light on their work and tell the world why more attention should be paid to them.