Jumuiya Dithers, Stumbles, But Won’t Die Yet

Yet, where the cynics may see looming disaster and a bloc hurtling towards an eventual breakup, the optimist will see an opportunity for stock-taking of the gains since the regional bloc’s revival in 2000.

Africa Must First Heavily Invest In Youth To Lead In Innovation

In an increasingly mobile global economy, it is important that African thought leaders consider the subject of innovations in the context of the millions of jobs that can be created and the larger impact on human life.

Understanding Africa’s Technological Revolution

Donnas Ojok explores Africa’s leap onto the technological revolution train, and why despite its promise, we should not be oblivious to how it can divide society.

Politics and poverty caused past conflicts in East Africa — not climate change

We conclude that adaptation to climate change must prioritise good governance above all else. Robust political systems can protect citizens against extreme weather events and if disasters happen, these systems can ensure that people affected have adequate access to water, food, sanitation and shelter. Good governance is about protecting and looking after the most vulnerable people in society.

The Endless Possibilities; Lessons from The Women’s March Uganda

Perhaps the greatest call for our generation goes way beyond leadership and extends to the ability to stand up loudly for the things we believe in. We no longer have the option, as young people of waiting in line or participating simply as by-standers in matters that actively affect us.

How the latest tech and some healthy activism can curb fake news

We used the latest techniques from artificial intelligence to study how support for – or opposition to – a piece of fake news can spread within a social network.

Industrialization Lessons from Ethiopia

As Uganda thinks of its own airline, there may be lessons to learn from not only Ethiopia but others particularly Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.

Changing the African Narrative Through Social Media Platforms

Embracing the accessibility of modern technology, African social media bloggers and commentators are using Facebook, YouTube and other platforms to undermine longstanding “Afro-pessimistic” stereotypes – the backward continent characterised by strife and poverty.

Modern Biotechnology is Indispensable as Uganda Modernizes

In order to sustainably feed the country’s drastically incremental population in the face of climate change effects, there’s utmost need to change the approach and appropriately use all tools in the agricultural tool-box, prioritizing modern tools like biotechnology.

Why Engineers Should be Wary of Climate Change

Failure to adopt climate resilience paradigms on infrastructure projects presents huge potential for loss, considering the high capital and investment costs incurred when developing public infrastructure.