Coronavirus: Lessons from Tanzania

The outbreak put both leaders and governments through a difficult test of their leadership abilities, based on how each and everyone responded

COVID-19: Leadership is the Bridge between Chaos and Hope

Previous global health crises, such as the SARS, Ebola, or Zika did not leave much of an imprint on the world as the case has been for coronavirus

Leadership lessons from a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us much about the unpredictability of life but even more, about the current technological changes and the abrupt adoption we have had to make

Conversation:  Industries and Ideas for the World Beyond Covid-19

On May 30 the LéO Africa Institute held the second of our four-part series of conversations on the region’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The conversation featured Arnold Kwizera, Liz Muange and Daniel Bwambale

An Investor’s Guide to the World Beyond Covid19

The coronavirus has exposed how industries and nations were ill-prepared for major disruptions, including a pandemic

How Covid-19 Shall Lead Us to a World of New Possibilities

Facilitated mostly by air travel, tourism, strangely, will lead to a revival of the world economies that position themselves right

These Two SDGs are Key to Uganda’s Post-Covid19 Recovery

Targets under the sustainable goals SDG7 and SDG9 offer us a great opportunity to build out of the pandemic while also ensuring social-economic transformation in the medium and long term

Conversation: Jobs and the Future of Work Beyond Covid-19

On May 14, the Institute held the first of a four-part series conversation on jobs and the future of work in a post-COVID world, featuring Angelo Izama, Brenda Katwesigye and Raymond Mujuni.

COVID-19 has blown away the myth about ‘First’ and ‘Third’ world competence

The “First World” is still far richer than the rest of the planet and may well remain so. But the COVID-19 experience may just trigger new thinking in the “Third World”.