Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Kampala City Road Repairs

To improve the resilience of global infrastructure, we need new approaches to public-private partnerships, project finance, and risk management

Art imitates Life in Lumumba biopic

In Raoul Peck’s film, Lumumba encapsulates this tragic side of life, yet he also incarnates the triumph of the human spirit with his fighting spirit

The Blind Date

Release Date: 12th February 2021, Century Cinema, 14th February 2021 YouTube This…

Reflecting on Lumumba’s Legacy

Even though Lumumba’s Vision for the DRC and Africa is yet to be achieved, there is hope

Patrice Lumumba: 60 Years on, Same Lessons?

The core of Patrice Lumumba’s brave fight, the values, principles, and ambitions he so boldly proclaimed, are still missing

Ethiopia’s new Dam could spark region’s first Climate Change-inspired Conflict

Upon completion, the GERD may open floodgates for major irrigation and hydropower projects in upstream countries and reignite debate on the relevance of colonial agreements over the Nile’s use

To Avert the Next Crisis, We Need to Build Back Better

If the shackles of inaction continue to cripple the urgency towards climate action, the coronavirus pandemic could just have provided a temporary respite – a delay of an inevitable but equally deadly climate crisis

Climate Change is Another Pandemic in Waiting

Humanity, however, is always ready to deal with short term, clear and present dangers like coronavirus and less able to tackle multi-decade problems like climate change. This has highly contributed to the different approaches to the two crises.

Coronavirus: Dear Lover

Dear lover, It’s barely been a week since this affection sparked. I’ve set my base in your lungs, veins, and duct; the future seems bright. You are an ocean that gives me buoyancy, racing through your bloodstreams.

Coronavirus: Lessons from Tanzania

The outbreak put both leaders and governments through a difficult test of their leadership abilities, based on how each and everyone responded