D.F.K. Mpanga’s Politics of Common Sense

Roland Niwagaba  |  Genre(s):
The Politics of Common Sense is a collection of articles the author, David F.K. Mpanga, submitted to a newspaper column in the Daily Monitor, one of the national dailies in Uganda. The articles were written between 2006 and 2016 and are a good flashback to the local and global events of that time viewed through global, continental, regional, national, and…
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70 Years a Witness

Kwezi Tabaro  |  Genre(s):
“Major, there’s nothing about the 27! … You must include something about the 27!” These were comments from the one-time editor of the pan-African journal Africa World Review Napoleon Abdulai on reviewing Ondoga ori Amaza’s manuscript, that would later be posthumously published under the title, Museveni’s Long March: From Guerilla to Statesman. The “27” that Napoleon Abdulai was referring to…
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Beyond the Fourth Heritage

Emmanuel S. Kirunda  |  Genre(s):
It has been said that whatever was not written, did not exist. That’s why history is the story of things written down, not necessarily the story of things as they happened in the past. It is this fundamental realization, among others, that prompted me to write my book Beyond the Fourth Heritage. It is the third and last instalment in…
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