The destruction of Karamoja under our compassionate gaze

If no active attempts are made to protect the dignity, integrity, culture, and harmony of Karamoja this community shall die

The Missing Billionaire (Part 2)

In countries like Uganda foreign capital, no matter its own limitations, appears more acceptable perhaps because its politics are ambiguous

The Missing Billionaire (Part 1)

Angelo Izama asks why, after three decades of private-sector-led “growth” Uganda’s private sector is yet to produce a dollar billionaire.

Creatives speak on fostering African identities at Annual Leaders Gathering

Ugandan rapper GNL says it is time to thrive and not to survive

LéO Africa Institute plots leadership role at second Annual Leaders Gathering

The event offered opportunity for brainstorming on “imagined communities” in the pandemic era as the Institute marks ten years

No Land for Heroes

The stability revolutionaries still alive may have gained the running of a government for their “heroic” efforts at liberation wars or coups but lost in a clear vision of a free, united, confident Africa


Luganda poem by Nsubuga Muhammed (Nze)

The ghost of Patrice Lumumba

60 years after the assassination of its independence icon, DR Congo is still bleeding. Why?

Reflecting on Lumumba’s Legacy

Even though Lumumba’s Vision for the DRC and Africa is yet to be achieved, there is hope

Patrice Lumumba: 60 Years on, Same Lessons?

The core of Patrice Lumumba’s brave fight, the values, principles, and ambitions he so boldly proclaimed, are still missing