No Land for Heroes

The stability revolutionaries still alive may have gained the running of a government for their “heroic” efforts at liberation wars or coups but lost in a clear vision of a free, united, confident Africa


Luganda poem by Nsubuga Muhammed (Nze)

The ghost of Patrice Lumumba

60 years after the assassination of its independence icon, DR Congo is still bleeding. Why?

Reflecting on Lumumba’s Legacy

Even though Lumumba’s Vision for the DRC and Africa is yet to be achieved, there is hope

Patrice Lumumba: 60 Years on, Same Lessons?

The core of Patrice Lumumba’s brave fight, the values, principles, and ambitions he so boldly proclaimed, are still missing

Ethiopia’s new Dam could spark region’s first Climate Change-inspired Conflict

Upon completion, the GERD may open floodgates for major irrigation and hydropower projects in upstream countries and reignite debate on the relevance of colonial agreements over the Nile’s use

Conversation: Jobs and the Future of Work Beyond Covid-19

On May 14, the Institute held the first of a four-part series conversation on jobs and the future of work in a post-COVID world, featuring Angelo Izama, Brenda Katwesigye and Raymond Mujuni.

Conversation: Dr. Alfdaniels Mabingo on Ubuntu and Dance in Uganda

On May 13, Kwezi Tabaro interviewed Ugandan dance scholar Dr. Mabingo Alfdaniels, whose upcoming book “Ubuntu as Dance Pedagogy in Uganda” explores the role of indigenous dance as a tool of knowledge transfer

Moses Radio: a Tribute

David Kangye looks back at the life of fallen music icon Moses Ssekibogo alias Moses Radio who was one half of the duo Radio and Weasel

Radio & Weasel: The Music of Our Youth

Andrew Kaggwa reflects on the musical genius of Moses Radio, one half of the duo Radio and Weasel, who passed away on February 1 2018