Interview: Africa Bows for Harriet Anena’s Poetry

The 2018 recipient of the Wole Soyinka Prize opens up about her writing journey, starting out in Gulu, northern Uganda, to attaining continental recognition for her 2015 book, A Nation in Labour.

Stage to the State: The Evolution of Bobi Wine

Andrew Kaggwa traces the evolution of musician Bobi Wine from a troublesome childhood in the ghettos of Kamwokya to a national political symbol of resistance

The Big Hearted Girl: Revisiting Susan Magara’s Murder

David Kangye and Andrew Kaggwa look back at the gruesome murder of the 28 year-old accountant and our response to it

Uganda Airlines Sets Off on a Wing and a Prayer

What lessons has the national carrier learned since its demise in 2001, asks Nicholas Opolot.

The Perils of Polluting Lake Victoria

What can be done to save the region’s biggest source of livelihood?

Africa’s Youth See in Museveni, Kagame and Abiy Integration Champions. And They Are Right

Beyond the leaders’ rhetoric, we look at the fruits of the East African integration project.

Usher Komugisha: From Queen Of Kwepena To Globetrotting Sports Pundit

The wide-ranging interest in sports would become the fuel for a career in sports journalism, which the adult Usher would become famed for, reporting and commentating on sports as invariably as she had played them.

Kemiyondo Coutinho: How She Found Kemi-stry In The Arts!

The curator of A ka Dope on what it means to live the life of an “Art-prenuer”

Kagame’s African Union Mission

The journey ahead for the man tasked with reforming an organization many call a “paper tiger”

Introducing ‘Little Red Curious’ And The Art Of Custom-Made Suits In Uganda

More often than not, outward appearances tell of one’s character. A man in a well-tailored suit exudes pride, a sense of self-worth and sophistication.