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Dear lover,

It’s barely been a week

Since this affection sparked.

I’ve set my base in your lungs, veins and duct;

The future seems bright.

You are an ocean that gives me buoyancy,

Racing through your bloodstreams.

Harmonising in the key of lonely.



You look tired.

Maybe a shade too red

And your heart isn’t steel.

I can’t pick your scent

Amidst this haze of sanitizers.

These building reeks of soap

And fluorescent dyes of PCR machines

Are wrecking me apart.

Your throat too moist to keep me in.

You want to break my heart,

Just like my past lovers

Who dance up your thoughts

Whenever you cough me up.


I never sailed oceans from Wuhan

Resisting seduction from Spain and Italy

For you to reject me!!

I spent sleepless nights

Studying the geography of your body

While you sneezed me in tissue,

Dumped me like something you stepped in by accident.

You masked your soft parts,

Filling up all cracks

That would let me in.

I dressed you in the moonlight

And now you are blooming

In another man’s garden.



You and I are congested in your love

But he forces his way into your mouth;

I bite his tongue

So that he bleeds with me,

Tries to cough me up

But I won’t let go.


Did you have to run pale

With fever on a deathbed

To know that I love you?

Did I have to speak in metaphors

For you to start listening?

Or don’t you think it’s only polite

That I get to meet your friends?


Why this social distance?

Why don’t you love me back?

I will take you to heaven baby-love me!

I will make you an angel, a star-love me!

Why do you hurt me with that nasal swab?


Darling, don’t pray me away;

Choking me up with incense,

Entangling me with rosaries.

Don’t write me away

Because the last time I checked,

I am not fiction!!


I am real, too exposed to be unseen,

Devouring hashtags and, stupid memes.

Do we have to do this?

PDA? Really?

They all demand for my attention

Grabbing parts of me that once belonged to you

And now you are rotting in the dirt,

Making me miss you, crave you, love you;

Making me desperate,

For another lover!


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