A motif of singer, Radio Mowzey who died early 2018. The music he left will live forever/Motif Credit Ezi


On the 1st day 1st January God created the earth

On the 7th Day God made man

And God saw what he had created

And he found it to be displeasing

On the 25th day

25th of January

He made Radio




On Saturday night

In the comfort of your nakedness

You play the fantastic album

In headphones

You will occasionally hear

The voice of Jesus on back up

If you listen carefully

You will notice

That the heartbeat of every Ugandan

Beats to emulate the beat in Fantastic.

Your music is a fire

Burning away any cocodiosis

Nebino ebigoma bya abagenda bagwilana

Omuziki gwo teguwomeseza mere!

Tetugisikisa bulamu!



I am sitting in the car listening to the news thinking

What a series of mistakes

Mistake that God made you capable of being killed

Mistake that it was you that death took

Mistake when they say “RIP Radio” and not “RIP Ugandan Music”



I think that one of the manifestations of God

Is in the sight

Of your strained neck veins trying to stress a point about love

There is a certain expanding repugnance about life without you in it

There is a certain dying of love without you to sing about it

There is a certain nutritional value in hearing you climb to notes



Throwback to the day

The BET almost won you

Throw back to Magnetic

Your voice

Was a magnet

Attracting accolades

Throw back to channel O

AFRIMAs and The Honesty Oscars

And how quickly

The organizers of the Pearl of Africa Music Awards

Realized that you were the pearl of the Pearl of Africa.



So thank you

For Fantastic

And Magnetic

And Ntunga

And Nyambura

And Nakudata

And Amaaso

And Jennifer

And Dagala

And Mukama

And Hellena

And Fitting

And Talk and Talk

And Can’t let you go

And Ngamba

And Nakesa

And thank you for you

Thank you mostly for you

Thank you

For converting our life’s struggles

Into Anthems.



I am waiting for the police presser

Deep with apology

This was a miscommunication

Radio had gone to heaven shortly

-Just to ease himself-


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